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Ha ha ha. The issue is NOT that one of the two groups isn't holding all five "moral foundations" in roughly about the same regard! As if that would indicate some pleasing "nuance."

Rather what is important to note is that one of the two groups focuses on the foundations that are the important ones, while the other group is confused and muddled and stuck in thinking that less important foundations are actually important. ;-)

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I first came across this research about 5 years ago and found it really helpful. Interestingly I think it's shifting. Looking at Liberal vs. Conservative it holds fairly true, but the Woke left, it seems to me, have taken on the other matrices to a certain extent. For instance, authority has become important in the sense that a person's intersectional identity grants them moral authority and expert status, and subverting that person's authority is considered bigotry. And sanctity shows up in the necessity to purify your views and communities - any idea that is counter to the ideology is a 'virus' that must be wiped out, and anyone whose ideas diverge from yours (even if you're in 99% agreement) must be re-educated or cancelled to maintain the purity of the community.

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